Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hello All!
Today has been ever so lovely! My friend Lindsay and I decided to be crazy...and by crazy, i mean we took some pictures behind a wal-mart. :] it was crazy, trust us. 
anywho, here is the final product of the "back of wal-mart" photoshoot :]

you know, just being a sassypants... 

with Lindsay aka- on the spot photographer extraordinaire! :]

shirt- forever 21, maxi skirt- forever 21, hat- forever 21, sandals- old navy, purse- target, bandeau- borrowed
obviously i had a forever 21 overload. we'll just pretend it was planned.

strutting back and forth. it's what i do.

best attempt at a jumping shot. my timing is the worst.

well, that's all for nowzies!
so long, fairwell, and other various "goodbye's" from The Sound of Music :]

p.s. - all of these pictures were taken by my fabulous friend, Lindsay! check out her blog!

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