Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Cafe

hello all!
well, i'm still sick...but it's worth it, because the past 2 weeks have been incredible and very productive!

A couple weeks ago, my friend Kanya asked my roommate- Chandler, and I if we would sing a song that she wrote with her for Cafe Series auditions. We agreed, and worked on the song quite a lot. We then auditioned, and found out that the number had been selected to perform at Cafe Series, which 2 sunday nights ago! (not sure that could have been worded any stranger...) It was a long day, but it was thoroughly rewarding getting to do what I love with such great friends! The other acts in the show were crazy awesome! I'm pretty sure I had a look of "awe" on my face the entire day! The amount of talent we are surrounded by on a daily basis is astounding and crazy and so, so inspiring!

*all photo credit to kanya*

right after auditions :]
dress: pacsun
boots: dr. martens
necklace: thrifted

tech rehearsal :]

waiting "backstage" (no such thing in the cafe...)

dress: Forever21 (got it at Crossroads)
boots: dirty laundry
bracelets: target and Brandy Melville

most diverse girl group in the world.

it was an incredible experience and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it with such wonderful people! :]

well...i'm going to drink entirely too much hot tea (if there even is such a thing!) and pray this is only a 24 hour bug! #ineedmyvoiceback #notimetobesick #BFAproblems


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

bring us british boybands.

hello all!
a lot of great things have happened within the last week...and i think the main proof of this is the fact that i'm sick #oyvey

anywhoo...last wednesday, my roommate and i had the opportunity to see The Wanted perform at Avalon for the VMA pre-concert hosted by MTV and Taco Bell, and it was quite the night! Not only was the venue absolutely beautiful, but there was complimentary food, which is always fabulous! :] The opening acts were Tori Kelly, and Walk the Moon, both of whom were outstanding and unique! Tori Kelly had a very soulful sound that I loved, and Walk the Moon had a different/adorable sound and a really fun energy! Walk the Moon also had a guest guitarist for their cover of a David Bowie song...who just so happened to be JOHN MAYER! THE REAL JOHN MAYER! i almost died. it was a life-changing moment. what talent. #fangirlingstill
The Wanted also put on quite a show! I'm having trouble thinking of what i could possibly like more than british boy the moment...nothing comes to me... :] #swooning needless to say, they charmed the audience with their gorgeous accents and brilliant harmonies...getting all of their songs stuck in our heads...which was fine by me!

and now for some pictures!

waiting in naturally...the cliche wristband picture :] #hadtohappen #sorryimnotsorry

*photo cred: chandler

the incredible stage/lights!


THE WANTED being all british and what have you

the wanted :]

*photo cred: chandler

needless to say, this evening was well worth the sleep deprivation.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

sing it again

Hello All!
I hope you all had a wonderful FASHION'S NIGHT OUT!
unfortunately, i had ridiculous amounts of homework. so i spent the evening in a dance studio singing the same three songs over and over... which, thankfully, i quite enjoy it worked out :]
but in honor of FNO, i put together a fun outfit! or as fun as one can get on a thursday morning before 9am... :]

what i wore:
skirt: Forever21, but got it at Crossroads
bandeau: borrowed from a friend
cardigan: Nordstrom
boots: Bakers
bracelets: Brandy Melville and Target
rings: Forever21 and John Hardy

i'm especially in love with the skirt!! it was the best recent purchase i've made in quite some time! i've been searching for the perfect circle skirt like this for a while now, and it's completed my life!

if there's one thing i've learned, if you don't know what to do, make this face and hold your skirt out like a princess.

more soon!
happy weekend! :]

Saturday, September 1, 2012

blogstagram: august

hello all!
just for fun, i'm going to post some instagrams from august! #photodiaryinstagramstyle

right before seeing "The Producers" at the Hollywood Bowl
photo cred: harper

retro photobooth at the hollywood farmers market :]
seeing "The Producers" w/ Jesse Tyler Ferguson!
photo cred: harper
photo cred: harper

thai food! #cleverpun
photo cred: laura
cahuenga on a friday never know what you'll a pair of abandoned heels by the 7/11 dumpster...or perhaps a group of people walking around parking lots playing instruments...including an amp attached to their pants... #thathappened
photo cred: chandler

at the grove!
photo cred: chandler
lunchypoo at the grove!
photo cred: kanya
photo cred: delaney :]

just casually bumping into the 2/3rds of the Jonas Brothers outside our local trader joes... :]

hollywood and highland mall :]
tiffany came to visit!! :] #bestfriends #wishwewereirish
this happened...
photo cred: chandler

photo cred: laura :]

harper's amazing hair styling skills!
photo cred: harper

going to see The Dark Knight Rises!
photo cred: harper


cafe series!
photo cred: chandler

photo cred: laura

arm candy :]
photo cred: laura

as close to the hollywood sign as one can get around 1am on a friday night :]

cafe series auditions with the best people ever!
photo cred: chandler

i'll post more soon! :]

want u back

hello all!
my sincerest apologies for the lack of posting i've been doing, it's just been a tad bit crazy over here! i just got finished with midterms!

Anywhoo...a couple weeks ago, Cher Lloyd, in all her great Britishness, came across the pond and performed at The Grove in LA for the TeenVogue back to school event! it was quite lovely! she sang "Want U Back", "With Ur Love", and one other one that i can't quite remember. :]
Shay Mitchell was the host of the event, and after Cher performed, TeenVogue put on a fashion show! all in all it was a fabulous event! :]

what i wore:
top: Forever21
shorts that can't be seen...ughh: british ones i painted
earrings: Mr. Price

here's some pictures from the day!

chandler, kanya, and i trying not to melt in the crazy heat

cher lloyd

i love that this exists.

it was the best! well worth the crazy heat!!
hope everyone has a fantabulous labor day weekend! :]