Saturday, December 8, 2012


hello all!
here's a quick look at what my october and november looked like, via instagram!

halloween 2012! my best attempt at being a member of the bluth family! #arresteddevelopment #bestshowever

the grove at christmas time!

capital records, all holidayed out!

my hair... photocred: kanya

getting ready for laura's 21st birthday dinner :] #roommates

universal city walk for laura's 21st

universal city walk with chandler! #roommates

after the birthday festivities... #lovemypajamies

thanksgiving! thankful wall!

audrey's sweet puppy, miley!

exploring LA

photoshoot with kanya! photocred: kanya

well, that's all for now!
everyone have a fantabulous weekend!! :]

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just a couple of hippies on a mountain....

hello all!
so, it seems i'm back in my old habits of not posting for a while, and then updating a ton in one day....this will change one for now...i update!! :]

over thanksgiving weekend, my good friend, kanya, asked if chandler and I would help her with a photoshoot type thing...of which we naturally said yes to....and here's how it pictures!

[all photos taken by kanya]

i'm wearing: skirt-forever21, top-vintage, boots-dirty laundry, bracelets-forever21 and target
chandler's wearing: top-from my mother's closet, skirt-, boots- doc martens, head band- borrowed from delaney

behind the scenes! photocred: me!

it was super fun, despite the challenges of climbing a mountain for the perfect background :]


hello all!
so, i realize that thanksgiving has come and gone, but it was such a fabulous day that i had to post about it anyways! better late than never! :]

i spent thanksgiving this year with my roommates and close friends in LA! we cooked everything!! it was interesting and quite the learning experience! #stilleatingsweetpotatos

here are the pictures!!

we made an "I'm thankful for" wall, and everyone wrote on post it notes about the things they are thankful for!

that is what the wall looked like before any of our guests arrived! the wall is now almost completely covered in sticky notes! it's staying up forever! or at least until next thanksgiving! :]

our friend, audrey, brought her sweet puppy, miley, to spend thanksgiving with us!

best roommates ever! i'm so thankful for them! :]

hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving as well! :]


hello all!
oh my's been quite a while since I've posted! I've had quite the busy last month and a half...what with starting my 2nd semester, midterms, rehearsals, etc...but i'm back now! :]

right at the tail end of my break, i decided to do something funky to my hair...
i died it hot pink...fading into purple! I felt like a change, and that's exactly what I got!

dying my hair pink and purple has officially jumped to the top of my "crazy" list!
it's faded a lot since then...but it was the most fun hair to have for a while!! i might do it again! :]]

more soon! :]

Monday, October 15, 2012

Time to Fall

Hello all!
i absolutely love october for many reasons. the main reason being PUMPKIN! i cook with pumpkin all the time...and it always makes me happy when october rolls around, because it's now considered "season appropriate" that's super off topic...but, i just wanted to share my love of all things pumpkin related with the world! 

anywhoo, i'm currently on fall's just 10 days, but much needed! :] i flew back to texas on saturday, and now i'm just enjoying this time and resting as much as possible. i didn't realize how tired i was until i saw my queen size bed! then suddenly, the entire semester caught up with me and i realized i was about to take the best nap ever....and by that i mean that i have been napping on again off again for the past 2 days...and it has been glorious! my friend, harper, flew back with me as well! we saw a fantabulous movie last night, "7 Psychopaths" and it was really quite lovely! :]

what i wore:
top: my mothers from the early 90's
boots: Bakers
purse: borrowed from harper
bracelets: Target and Brandy Melville
rings: Forever 21 and John Hardy

i'm in love with this skirt. it has such a romantic feel to it, which makes it extra fun to mix with edgier items! :]


the classic jumping picture. always necessary.

TRIED to get a fun walk/jump picture :]

hope everyone is having a super cuddly october so far!
more later! :]

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Cafe

hello all!
well, i'm still sick...but it's worth it, because the past 2 weeks have been incredible and very productive!

A couple weeks ago, my friend Kanya asked my roommate- Chandler, and I if we would sing a song that she wrote with her for Cafe Series auditions. We agreed, and worked on the song quite a lot. We then auditioned, and found out that the number had been selected to perform at Cafe Series, which 2 sunday nights ago! (not sure that could have been worded any stranger...) It was a long day, but it was thoroughly rewarding getting to do what I love with such great friends! The other acts in the show were crazy awesome! I'm pretty sure I had a look of "awe" on my face the entire day! The amount of talent we are surrounded by on a daily basis is astounding and crazy and so, so inspiring!

*all photo credit to kanya*

right after auditions :]
dress: pacsun
boots: dr. martens
necklace: thrifted

tech rehearsal :]

waiting "backstage" (no such thing in the cafe...)

dress: Forever21 (got it at Crossroads)
boots: dirty laundry
bracelets: target and Brandy Melville

most diverse girl group in the world.

it was an incredible experience and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it with such wonderful people! :]

well...i'm going to drink entirely too much hot tea (if there even is such a thing!) and pray this is only a 24 hour bug! #ineedmyvoiceback #notimetobesick #BFAproblems