Friday, September 30, 2011

lovely september

Hello All!
yay for posting more than once in an hour! woot!
September, you've been lovely this year. I look forward to seeing you again next year, with the added hope of slightly cooler temperatures.
moving on, here are a few pictures to highlight the wonderfulness that is september:

posing with my baby brother....gotta love how he always smiles for pictures......#notsomuch

photo taken by krystal

there's nothing on my's just the awkward filter i put on it whilst editing...#poordecision
top- forever21, skirt- forever21, flats- lucky

photo taken by krystal
dress- espress, shoes- steve madden

ah yes, the haircut and dye! :] HOORAY FOR CHANGE! :]

well, i suppose that's all for now....

i have just set up a twitter for this blog!
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falling in love with FALL fashion

Hello All!
sorry for being MIA for the past 2 weeks, its just been rather crazy on my end, and I'm in the process of getting over a cold...blehhh.
anywho, last night my friend Krystal and I went to a SMUstyle event at the Neimans in Northpark. It was a fun night meeting new people and viewing the top fall trends.

here are some pictures from the evening:]

photo taken by krystal

really neat purse display at neimans!
photo taken by krystal
this picture is cracking me up! "Life of the Party" sign + no smiles at all + not planned= REALLY FUNNY
sidenote: thats where we made our awesome flipbooks!
photo from SMUdailycampus

photo from SMUdailycampus

decided to take crazy mall photos after the know, because we're crazy and all....
photo taken by krystal

dress- express, shoes- steve madden
photo taken by krystal

yay for cool white brick walls!
photo taken by krystal

photo taken by krystal

photo taken by krystal


more posts on the way!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Hello All!
Tonight was incredible! My schedule cleared up a bit, and I was able to stop by FNO at Neiman Marcus, Willowbend! Couldn't stay for the entire evening, but I did get to see a fashion show that previewed the top trends for this fall! It was a really great event and I am so looking forward to FNO 2012!

here are some pictures from the evening! :]

deep purples and burgundy's are where it's at!

loved this dress so much! it was purple and sparkly! SUPER AWESOME COMBINATION!

all different leathers are very in :]

rocking the FNO t-shirt

LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS OUTFIT! black sequined dress with a dark grey leather vest over top=perfection!

yayayay! favorite outfit made a second appearance at the end of the show! :]]

with paige after the show:]

blazer, top, and skirt from forever21
heels that can't be seen are from bakers

gotta love a good parking lot picture!

if this isn't a great way to end this post, then i don't know what is!

FNO 2011, you were lovely! :]

Sunday, September 4, 2011


hello all!
well...i've done it! i've drastically changed my hair!
and by that, of course, i mean that i dyed my hair and got bangs!
this is quite a huge step for me...i generally freak out when getting a trim because in the past it's ended badly...and i love my hair trims, involving scissors and what-not...tend to get my nerves a going!

anyways, here's a quick look at the finished product! :] very pleased with how it turned out!

yayayay new hair!!! apparently this style is not called, "fading as it goes down", but rather "ombre" (spelling?)
also, that awesome key necklace you see is a super fantasical gift from Lindsay Meredith! :] it's specially engraved and all! :] #friendsnanananana

SO FUN! hair hair hair hair hair!
i literally have not had bangs since i was 5...

well...that's all i've got for now...