Wednesday, February 29, 2012


hello all!
HAPPY LEAP DAY! i don't know why, but the fact that we have a "leap day" really makes me happy! it just seems a bit too ridiculous to be a part of our calendar, and yet, here it is!! every 4 years!! (ok, honesty time, i just looked up more information about leap year on wikipedia, and apparently it really does make sense for our calendar...but then again, how accurate is wikipedia?) i'm just going to stick with my original statement and enjoy how funny i think it is! huzzah!

anywhom, (*chuckle*), the other day (february 20th, the day after my birthday, to be exact), my mother and i went to lunch at my favorite tea room (the wonderful world of cooking), where i had entirely too much tea (didn't know it was possible!!), and then after lunch, we popped into a super awesome antique mall where i found all sorts of wonderful treasures, my favorite being a vintage hat!!!

what i wore:
dress: express
black ribbon belt: forever21
tights: forever21
wedges: bakers
hat: vintage
purse: betsey johnson

loving the background. i think it adds a nice ambiance...
and now.......a few too many photos of me posing with different expressions in my new favorite hat!! #leapyearmademedoit

"it's windy, hope my hat doesn't fly away!!" (take no notice that i am in fact indoors...)

"i don't know about that....."


sometimes i hold a section of my hair away from my head and make this face....just for fun!


the back of my fabulous hat!!!! i love it soo much!!!

sheila jr., my mini  hippo pillowpet (who, coincidentally is sitting atop sheila, my normal sized pillowpet), really makes this picture! she always adds that extra umph!!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

just for good measure

ok, i realize this might be getting a tad out of hand, but i promise, i can stop anytime i want. really! #noneedforinterventions
so, for my 3rd post today, i've decided to really get crazy and post the pictures from valentines day!! we are all out of order now!

side note: the cookies arrived on valentines day, but my birthday is the 19th...i was confusing myself, so i figured i'd explain.... 

what i wore:
dress: forever21
tights: forever21
wedges: wild pair (bakers)
necklace: john hardy

decided to be cliche and wear red
fun fact: that is the only red dress i currently own!

good ol' mirror picture

if you look closely, you can see my dog taking over my bed. my messy, unmade bed

BIRTHDAY SURPRISE FROM MY FRIEND, TIFFANY!! she consistently sends me some sort of food on my birthday, and i love it!! #truefriendssendfood

there are few things i love more than coming home and finding food literally on my doorstep from a friend who lives in a different state!!! and to make it even better, COOKIES!


hello again!
doesn't the exclamation mark at the end of the blog post title make this seem much more exciting?! me thinks it does!
anywho, you can't get rid of me! i've got too much catching up to do! #mwahahaha
so, this is basically just an outfit post...from a few days ago...that i was too lazy to post sooner. and by lazy, i mean i've been watching Burn Notice like it's my job. #sorryimnotsorry #wishiwasaspy

anywho, here's what i wore:
top: forever21
skirt: forever21
blazer: parker school uniform - that's right! this lovely piece was once a required school blazer!
tights: forever21
wedges: wild pair (bakers)
watch: michele
star brooch: gift

feel free to ignore the weird expression on my face...i truly don't know what was going through my mind...and i don't care to ever know/repeat that look... it's like a weird, messed up smirk #whatintheworld


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hello all!
good news: i have successfully survived for two decades! :]
celebrated my last night as a teen with family last night! ready for my twenties! that sounds so weird!!!

what i wore last night:
dress: black halo from
fabulous birthday heels: jessica simpson
coat: guess

nothing quite says "i'm still a teen" like a mirror picture!

it's official, i love cut-outs!

cut out!

and look! even more cut out!

it's difficult to tell, but they are magenta-ish :] and they have cut-outs too!!

just being a teen, looking in a different direction for no apparent reason...

birthday birthday birthday!


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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


hello all!
wishing everyone a fantabulous valentines day full of roses and chocolate!!

now that i've almost fully recovered, i'll post the rest of the pictures from joburg soon! :]

love & kisses,
     ~ariel nicole