Sunday, November 27, 2011


hello all!
hope everyone had a marvelous thanksgiving and a safe/sane black friday! :]
sorry for not posting for a's been rather crazy over here. lots of friends and family coming in and out of town for the holidays and things of that sort. i've also been working a  lot lately.
and on that note, i have 2 rather exciting things to share soon!
i'll hopefully be back to posting tomorrow when things calm down a bit!
in the meantime, ponder away at what you think the exciting news might be! :]

feetie pajamas = BEST. INVENTION. EVER.
tootaloo for now! :]

Friday, November 11, 2011

i get lost in the sound

Hello All!
special thanks to our troops! thanks for all you do!
quick random update: my brother had the flu last week, so i stayed with him and we watched an unhealthy amount of movies! one of the "sick days" he watched 4 dreamworks films! this is pretty unusual for my brother. he's always playing tennis. being inactive doesn't agree with him. anywhoo, we had a lovely time! we watched quite a bit of harry potter, the big bang theory, and other random stuff! we also took up playing "CLUE", which i had never played before! tons of fun!! really enjoyed this extra time with my brother...even if he was coughing everywhere!
so in short, last week was not a picture-taking week.

not much happened today, just ran some errands. the weather has been rather bipolar lately (typical texas), so it only made sense to confuse it by wearing summer clothing in a fall way!

i wore:
shirt: old navy
shorts: bebe
tights: forever21
jacket: forever21
socks: bakers
boots: dr. martens
scarf: tj max (i think...)

MEET ELVIS! he is the youngest of my 3 dogs. he enjoys long walks on the beach, all food, and getting caught in the rain. :]

he likes to sit with me while i blog!

this is ISABELLE. she's the oldest. she's a neurotic mess, but i love her anyways! she visited me briefly during this post, and then she left the room in a worried's what she does.
hahaha! i feel ridiculous! there are almost as many pictures of my dogs in this post! oh well! they make me happy!! 

anywhoo, i hope you are all doing well!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back in Black

Hello All!
it's so good to see you all again! i assume you are all doing quite well and enjoying this fine november, which makes me happy! this past week has been pretty normal (for me...), and since i didn't have any interesting halloween plans, i don't have any interesting costume interesting! i just answered the door to trick or treaters dressed as a penguin from madagascar...and by that i mean that i was wearing my super amazing/wildly comfortable penguin feety pajamas!!! fact: I LOVE FEETIE PAJAMAS A TON! i wear them in public any chance i get. they are the best invention since the wheel! :] is what i wore to work a few days ago:
dress: forever21
-fun fact: i wore this dress in my high school production ofR+J a few years ago, which was a modern day version of Romeo and Juliet (the play) and the style was european high fashion. it was worn differently in the show.
legging pants: express
jacket: forever21
heels: steve madden
necklace: forever21
pearl bracelet: "off the cuff" by imperial pearls

and now... THE PICTURES!! WOOT!!!

just looking off into the distance....very normal...

oh are so cruel to my bangs!!


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