Thursday, October 27, 2011

SWEATER WEATHER! (almost...)

Hello All!
i have REALLY great news!! IT'S COLD OUT TODAY!!! i have been waiting for the weather to change for real for a solid two months now! oh texas weather, you are so sneaky! it's finally time for sweaters, scarfs, boots, tall socks, jackets, gloves, and all the other super awesome wintery attire!!! i love it!!!
however, yesterday the weather was not was like typical texas fall low 80's...
so i wore:
top: t. babaton
tank: had it for ever
jeans: express
heels: steve madden
watch: michele
earrings: forever21

it's hard to tell in these pictures...but down by the knee...the jeans have black rhinestones! yay sparkles!

well, so long for nowsies! :]

Sunday, October 23, 2011

the comfy tee

hello all!
well, i'm back for my third time today! (but again, it IS after midnight...) holy socks! she's on a roll! (and by "she" of course i mean "me")
anywhoo, the top i'm wearing in this post is by far the comfiest shirt i can wear to work without looking like i rolled out of bed. seriously, it's ridiculously soft, and if i didn't like it as much as i do, i would totally sleep in it. it feels like pajamies...and i LOVE it. SO. MUCH. !

continuing on...
top: Bjewel (from ross) (yay savings!)
skirt: necessary objects
tights: forever21
boots: maddengirl
scarf: borrowed from my mother
necklace: HONORA enhanced fresh water pearls (borrowed from mumsie)
bracelet: agaci too
ring: i honestly don't know, it was a mood ring i bought in my youth...and it no longer works. and that's the story on that.

and now...THE PICTURES!!! *crowd gets silent in anticipation*

side note: it's raining like crazy at the moment (thunder, lightning, the works!) and it is REALLY FREAKING me out. honestly, it sounds like elephants are about to tear down my walls! gahh!

on a slightly different note: went on a late bike ride w/ my brother around 11:30 (p.m.), and basically everyone in our neighborhood had their sprinklers on. bet they're regretting that choice like nobodies business! come on folks! check the weather channel!

ok, back on track....the pictures...


well...i guess this is goodbye. for now at least. try not to miss me too terribly. i'll be back before you know it! perhaps even tomorrow! :]

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Saturday, October 22, 2011


hello all!
i'm really feeding into my habit of posting more than once in a day, and then not for a week, and then repeating....and i really am planning on breaking that habit, but for the moment, let's just pretend that it's completely normal. because for me, it sort of is.

anywho, here is another outfit post. i wore this outfit to work as well.
i've titled this "SAFARI SUNSET" because the tote i'm carrying is the vera bradley tote in the pattern "safari sunset" and i liked how well it matched my dress, so the look has been named after that pattern! :]

dress: express
boots: zara
tote: vera bradley
sunglasses: forever21

keeping my eyes open in the intense sunlight was quite the eyes are cruel to me.

not really sure what was going down at this moment, but it turned out kind of cool:]

well, that's all for now...might post one more later today, we'll see! :]

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another outfit post *and the crowd goes wild*

Hello All!
i'm back! woot!
this past week i've been rather busy, and then a few days ago, my allergies decided to attack me with everything they had (meanies!), so now that i've got all of that under control, i shall post!

i wore this outfit to work a few days ago.
dress: forever21
cardigan: target
wedges: bakers
beret: forever21
black stirrup tights: forever21

fun fact: my younger brother and i recently purchased adorable vintage-looking bikes! and since the day of the purchase, we have been riding them around at all hours! went for a midnight bike ride that night!

random comment: there is not light (headlight) on the front of my bike, it just reflected interestingly when the flash went off... :]

these wedges are beyond comfortable! i love them so much!

this is what the fabric of my dress would look like if you were to get realllly close to it. and since that would be awkward to do in person, i have captured it on film. you're welcome.

more soon! :]

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Outfit Post

Hello All!
I'm back again!
as you may or may not have noticed, i've really taken to posting more than once in a day, and then going a week, and then repeating...
and on that note, i'm going to try and be better about posting more often/regularly :]

anywho, here is a short outfit post from...*da da da da!* TODAY! :] (except that now it's past midnight, so technically it was yesterday...but let's not be picky, ok?)

today i wore:
a sheer, light pink top from Forever 21 (it had little bows and polka dots on it! very girly!)
a faux leather black skirt i got from Blue Door Boutique! (how edgy!)
black opaque stirrup tights from Forever 21
and...MY FAVORITE HEELS OF RIGHT NOW, my black steve madden heels! they are so darn comfortable! for real! and they look all retro! #iminlove

and now for some super funky picturoos!

it was ridiculously sunny out, so i tried an umbrella on for size. SPOILER ALERT: it DID NOT help the sun issue. at all.

can we all just take a moment to bask in the glory of this disaster of epic proportions. (major hyperbole) the sun effected me so much i couldn't even get my eyes to open. really quite a painful situation.

what's this? a brick wall? i MUST pose by it!

oh brick wall, you cast RIDICULOUS shadows. seriously, is that not the most outrageous shadow ever?!?!

oh look! a fence! i'll pose by that too!!

well, i suppose that's enough for one night.
i shall post more quite soon! :]

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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hello All!
last friday was homecoming at the high school i graduated from, so a few of my friends and i went to the game and then got a really late night snack after! it was super weird going to the game as "alumni" and not a "student", but it was awesome to see everyone again! not that it's really been that long, but still...
the weather was nice (or as nice as texas weather can get) and we won the game by a lot! so overall, it was a pretty nectar evening! 
on the "nectar" note, anyone watch "New Girl"? funniest. show. ever. i seriously love that show. all of the characters are wonderful and full of interesting quirks! woot!! :]

anywhoo, here are some funsical photos from the evening!
side note: "funsical" is the best word i have ever invented!!
another side note: i did not take any of these photos, they were taken by my friend, Lindsay Meredith. :]

ladies and gentlemen, the wonderful Lindsay Meredith :]

zim and i

the whole gang!
dress: style house
tights: forever 21
boots: maddengirl

#swaggcrewreunion :]

well, that's all for now! :]
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