Saturday, December 31, 2011

a day in London

hello all!
just a quick update: i am currently in LONDON! well, i'm at the london heathrow airport....very long layover...and in about an hour, i will be on a flight to South Africa! woot!
for the last few hours, i've been lounging in the British Airways Lounge...and by that i  mean that i have been napping, reading, and eating, all while having a beautiful view of a city i do so love!

the plane i was on from dallas to london was the coolest ever! we flew business class (1st time for that!) and i had my own little pod and the seat folded down flat into a bed! it was heaven! i think i could successfully live in business class forever! it took a lot to get off that plane!

i hope everyone has a fun and safe new year's eve and a happy/healthy/successful new year in 2012! best wishes to everyone!

and now for a quick photo diary of 2011! brace yourselves!

with lindsay in sheldon, the best car ever!

snowmagedon 2011

feetie pajamies...need i say more?

i love a good nerd-themed party! hooha!


junior-senior banquet  with the best friends :]

oh, just my brother posing as the perfect steak and shake poster child!

senior chapel...i handed down my soul and our shared bathroom to my brother :]

paigeypoo got an interesting gift from us....justin bieber! lol

one more nerd themed picture, just for good measure. to start the new year off right...and all that...

saloon sendoff graduation party!

the drowsy chaperone!
photo by cliff traverse

if there's one thing i love, it's dressing as an old lady. only second to that would be spitting on the gentleman i marry later in the show...
photo by cliff traverse

with my baby brother after graduating

with tiffany at graduation

before graduating

graduation day!

why yes, that is a fort i built with my friend lindsay.

the fort....try not to be too jealous

navigating the streets of plano with fearless determination and a map!



with paigeypoo at nationals

group musical and ben!


finding waldo in ireland was definitely one of the highlights/accomplishments of my year!

this is without a doubt my favorite picture from 2011. i look ridiculous, and tiffany is climbing out of a castle window. :]


how awesome is that scenery!

my baby brother!!! i like to refer to him as that now that he's taller than me...even when i'm wearing super tall heels!!


impromtu dinner with mumsie!

what a beast!

well...i suppose that's all for now! still waiting for gate information in london!
happy new year! thanks for making 2011 great!

tootaloo! :]

photos were either taken by myself, lindsay, or a parent figure unless otherwise specified :]

Friday, December 30, 2011

lets fly, lets fly away

hello all!
i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy Hanukkah!
today i leave for SOUTH AFRICA!!! i'm super excited, but also a bit stressed, as i am going for surgery....and i am really NOT a big fan of all. blehhh.'s like 3 hours til i head to the airport, and i am still in the process of packing! i am already a notorious over-packer...seriously, i could probably go pro in "overpacking", but it's much more difficult this time!! how much is too much when you're gone for a month?!!?!?!?! oy vey!!

on a different note: i plan on sharing the rest of my news once i arrive safely in south africa. i simply don't have enough time to type it all out at the moment. at least not in a coherent way...

and now...for some week old photos!!!
the first few pictures are from when i worked last week...and the others are just a compilation of december madness!

top: forever21
skirt: forever21
tights: forever21
boots: maddengirl
watch: michele

the sun makes it impossible for me to open my eyes.

eyes closed again! :]

pretty lights!!!  there were like a gazillion trees all lit up beautifully!

and here's what the trees look like when the picture is taken from a moving car...

this is the dress i wound up wearing on Christmas eve. i tried it on in 2 different i had to get a picture to get an opinion from someone else....
jacket: forever21
tights: betsy johnson
wedges: wild pair (bakers)
dress: express

i have a real love for sequins!!! they make me happy!!!
also, see the camera i'm holding? that is officially "my old camera"!! i got a new/good camera for Christmas and so far it has completed my life!!!

Christmas with Elvis. Please note he is covered by the blanket...and loving it.

moved/folded the blanket...he STILL went over and laid on it!
elvis really enjoys being comfortable....

went to another one of my little brother's tennis tournaments yesterday...he did fabulously! and i took the pictures with my new, awesome camera! (nikon coolpix L105)

action shot! nice!

squished in the car after the was a long day....
top: forever21
vest: TOP 10

well...that's all for now!! at least until i leave this country and enter another!!
be expecting lots of new pictures soon!!! yay for international travel!! :]

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