Friday, August 26, 2011

Teen Vogue's Best Dressed Reader of the Day!!!

Hello All!
i've been babysitting the past few days, so i haven't been on the computer as much as usual, so a few minutes ago i got on, and to my surprise and delight, found out i was august 24th's teen vogue best dressed reader of the day!!! completed my day/year!!! :]] thanks so much Teen Vogue! this means the world to me! :]

best-dressed reader of the day: ariel samuels

AGE: 19

 Frisco, Texas

WHAT SHE'S WEARING: "I'm wearing a Forever 21 top, a Forever 21 maxi skirt, Old Navy sandals, a Forever 21 straw hat, a leather purse from Target and a bandeau borrowed from a friend."

MIXING POT: "My style is constantly changing. I like to try all different styles and I like mixing styles, such as vintage with edgy, modern looks! If you like my style, check out my blog, Hot Tea & Simplicity!"

What do you think of this girl's style? Share your comments below!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

bittersweet tea

hello all!
a few days ago, my four best friends and I went to celebrate Lindsay's birthday at a really cute little tea room in downtown plano! it was a lot of fun, but a heaviness was in the room. it was our last time to see lindsay, at least until she comes back for thanksgiving break. all summer, we have been pretending the "day of final goodbyes" was not coming. but alas, the day came anyways. we enjoyed our meal, took pictures around the area, and finally, braced ourselves for the reality of it all: we were going to different places, for different amounts of time, for different reasons. our lives were changing before our very eyes. we will meet new people, and become different versions of ourselves. with tears in our eyes, we said goodbye. i love these four girls more than anything and i hope they have the best year, full of happiness, health, and focused on what's right, not cool.

ok, i'm going to put the pictures up now. any more writing on this particular topic may make me do something drastic.

Paige and I right outside the tea room!
maxi dress - old navy

posing w/ the birthday girl!

my delicious meal! i felt super indecisive, so i went w/ the sampler. the soup was to die for!

drinking my delicious soup! how lady-like!

paige eating her first chicken caesar salad. the child doesn't even like salad!! she ordered it because she felt put on the spot and it was the first thing that popped into her head. she's strange, but we love her! :]

this is my bug friend. kidding, she was trying on lindsay's glasses. :]

most definitely did not know there was a farmer's market any where near plano. i will be checking it out in the very near future!


[some pictures taken by me, some by lindsay meredith]

well, that's all for now!


Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hello All!
this week has been quite the emotional rollercoaster for my friends and I! We are all about to go in different directions and start new parts of our lives, and saying goodbye has been no small feat. 
So...instead, we have taken our last few days together and celebrated 2 birthdays + friendship!

paige and i making our typical photo face

wow, we are some weird kids.
top- mariposa

apparently i get crazy eyes around babies. i don't see it.

i'm using my cell phone. this picture is proof that i do use it sometimes.
the group:]

photocred: Lindsay Meredith


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LOVE tennis

Hello All!
I managed to survive another week in this crazy, texas heat!
today i had the honor of watching my little brother play in a tennis tournament! it was an absolute oven out there, but it was awesome seeing him do what he loves!

here's a few pictures of my brother rocking the court along with some random shots :]

Rory getting some major air!

i call this the ballerina move!

now that is one fashionable tennis player!

this is how my mother watches tennis. please note the wedges and skirt. :]

got crazy with the hair today. and by that of course, i mean that i put it up in a pony tail with a random braid :]

black maxi dress borrowed from my mother. great for standing outside in triple digit heat for hours.
another plus: no tan lines!

side note: camera is still on the fritz. please excuse the computer pictures again.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Hello All! Well, here we are, the beginning of AUGUST!! wowza!
It is so ridiculously hot out right now! It should NOT be 104 degrees outside at 5:46 in the afternoon. 
OY VEY!!! I mean, there's no escaping it! all the pools feel like hot tubs now!! gahh! poop skillet!
ok, i'm done ranting now :]
i haven't updated in a while, mainly because i haven't been doing much except catching up on sleep...and trying not to become overheated. (ugh again to the excruciating heat!!)
tonight, my mom, younger brother, and i are going to catch a flick, and i decided to do an outfit post before i leave. but naturally, the universe has decided to make that complicated. my camera (it's basically useless), has decided to not work at all. so i apologize, but these pictures were taken on my laptop camera. blehh.
before i go on to the outfit, i'm going to explain the first 2 pictures....
a friend of mine came over a few days ago, and neither of us felt very we wound up watching tv and eating apples w/ peanut butter (yum!) anywho, as usual, i got a bit i decided i would repaint my toenails hot pink. 
then i noticed all the weird nail polish colors i had and decided to try and use all of them on my fingernails! (mission almost accomplished...) my friend joined in...and a few days later, i painted my other friends (paige and lindsay) nails as well! (in the same style, of course!)

crazy nails on the right hand... this is what i do when i'm bored... creative, right? :]

and the left hand! "OMG! WHAT A TEEN!!!"

"OMG! this dress has pockets!! POCKETS!!!"

dress- pacsun
pink pearls- forever 21
other necklace- betsey johnson earring turned into a necklace

wedges- bakers
socks- claires

well, here's hoping my camera comes back to life!