Sunday, August 21, 2011

bittersweet tea

hello all!
a few days ago, my four best friends and I went to celebrate Lindsay's birthday at a really cute little tea room in downtown plano! it was a lot of fun, but a heaviness was in the room. it was our last time to see lindsay, at least until she comes back for thanksgiving break. all summer, we have been pretending the "day of final goodbyes" was not coming. but alas, the day came anyways. we enjoyed our meal, took pictures around the area, and finally, braced ourselves for the reality of it all: we were going to different places, for different amounts of time, for different reasons. our lives were changing before our very eyes. we will meet new people, and become different versions of ourselves. with tears in our eyes, we said goodbye. i love these four girls more than anything and i hope they have the best year, full of happiness, health, and focused on what's right, not cool.

ok, i'm going to put the pictures up now. any more writing on this particular topic may make me do something drastic.

Paige and I right outside the tea room!
maxi dress - old navy

posing w/ the birthday girl!

my delicious meal! i felt super indecisive, so i went w/ the sampler. the soup was to die for!

drinking my delicious soup! how lady-like!

paige eating her first chicken caesar salad. the child doesn't even like salad!! she ordered it because she felt put on the spot and it was the first thing that popped into her head. she's strange, but we love her! :]

this is my bug friend. kidding, she was trying on lindsay's glasses. :]

most definitely did not know there was a farmer's market any where near plano. i will be checking it out in the very near future!


[some pictures taken by me, some by lindsay meredith]

well, that's all for now!


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