Monday, August 1, 2011


Hello All! Well, here we are, the beginning of AUGUST!! wowza!
It is so ridiculously hot out right now! It should NOT be 104 degrees outside at 5:46 in the afternoon. 
OY VEY!!! I mean, there's no escaping it! all the pools feel like hot tubs now!! gahh! poop skillet!
ok, i'm done ranting now :]
i haven't updated in a while, mainly because i haven't been doing much except catching up on sleep...and trying not to become overheated. (ugh again to the excruciating heat!!)
tonight, my mom, younger brother, and i are going to catch a flick, and i decided to do an outfit post before i leave. but naturally, the universe has decided to make that complicated. my camera (it's basically useless), has decided to not work at all. so i apologize, but these pictures were taken on my laptop camera. blehh.
before i go on to the outfit, i'm going to explain the first 2 pictures....
a friend of mine came over a few days ago, and neither of us felt very we wound up watching tv and eating apples w/ peanut butter (yum!) anywho, as usual, i got a bit i decided i would repaint my toenails hot pink. 
then i noticed all the weird nail polish colors i had and decided to try and use all of them on my fingernails! (mission almost accomplished...) my friend joined in...and a few days later, i painted my other friends (paige and lindsay) nails as well! (in the same style, of course!)

crazy nails on the right hand... this is what i do when i'm bored... creative, right? :]

and the left hand! "OMG! WHAT A TEEN!!!"

"OMG! this dress has pockets!! POCKETS!!!"

dress- pacsun
pink pearls- forever 21
other necklace- betsey johnson earring turned into a necklace

wedges- bakers
socks- claires

well, here's hoping my camera comes back to life!

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