Friday, December 30, 2011

lets fly, lets fly away

hello all!
i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy Hanukkah!
today i leave for SOUTH AFRICA!!! i'm super excited, but also a bit stressed, as i am going for surgery....and i am really NOT a big fan of all. blehhh.'s like 3 hours til i head to the airport, and i am still in the process of packing! i am already a notorious over-packer...seriously, i could probably go pro in "overpacking", but it's much more difficult this time!! how much is too much when you're gone for a month?!!?!?!?! oy vey!!

on a different note: i plan on sharing the rest of my news once i arrive safely in south africa. i simply don't have enough time to type it all out at the moment. at least not in a coherent way...

and now...for some week old photos!!!
the first few pictures are from when i worked last week...and the others are just a compilation of december madness!

top: forever21
skirt: forever21
tights: forever21
boots: maddengirl
watch: michele

the sun makes it impossible for me to open my eyes.

eyes closed again! :]

pretty lights!!!  there were like a gazillion trees all lit up beautifully!

and here's what the trees look like when the picture is taken from a moving car...

this is the dress i wound up wearing on Christmas eve. i tried it on in 2 different i had to get a picture to get an opinion from someone else....
jacket: forever21
tights: betsy johnson
wedges: wild pair (bakers)
dress: express

i have a real love for sequins!!! they make me happy!!!
also, see the camera i'm holding? that is officially "my old camera"!! i got a new/good camera for Christmas and so far it has completed my life!!!

Christmas with Elvis. Please note he is covered by the blanket...and loving it.

moved/folded the blanket...he STILL went over and laid on it!
elvis really enjoys being comfortable....

went to another one of my little brother's tennis tournaments yesterday...he did fabulously! and i took the pictures with my new, awesome camera! (nikon coolpix L105)

action shot! nice!

squished in the car after the was a long day....
top: forever21
vest: TOP 10

well...that's all for now!! at least until i leave this country and enter another!!
be expecting lots of new pictures soon!!! yay for international travel!! :]

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