Friday, December 16, 2011


hello all!
sorry for the long absence, december moves so fast!! i've been super busy with work and family stuff, but i'm hoping that as december comes to a close i will have more time on my hands! :]'s time for some BIG NEWS!!! WOOOOOT!!! *crowd goes wild*

on december 30th, i will be leaving the country to go to South Africa!!!!

now, some of you might be wondering why, and i'm going to tell you!
my dad's side of the family is from south africa (he came to the U.S. when he was 16 on a tennis scholarship), and now i have a few relatives over there, but most are in the U.S.
anyways, i have had jaw issues since i was about 4, and we've always known surgery was probably the only way to fix the issues, so i am finally getting the much anticipated jaw surgery. i am getting it done in south africa b/c my grandfathers dentist is very good friends with one of the top maxifacialists (sp?) in the world, and he has agreed to do my surgery! it is a huge blessing!!
i am going with my grandmother, and we are staying with her sister, who still lives there!
we leave december 30th, fly into London (layover for a few hours), then we fly to South Africa! I'm there for almost a month (for recovery and all that), and then on January 24th, we fly back through London, and back to the U.S.!
while i'm there, i'll be taking lots of pictures and hopefully posting a bit (depending on wifi...) :]

more news later!
hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!

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