Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hello All!
last friday was homecoming at the high school i graduated from, so a few of my friends and i went to the game and then got a really late night snack after! it was super weird going to the game as "alumni" and not a "student", but it was awesome to see everyone again! not that it's really been that long, but still...
the weather was nice (or as nice as texas weather can get) and we won the game by a lot! so overall, it was a pretty nectar evening! 
on the "nectar" note, anyone watch "New Girl"? funniest. show. ever. i seriously love that show. all of the characters are wonderful and full of interesting quirks! woot!! :]

anywhoo, here are some funsical photos from the evening!
side note: "funsical" is the best word i have ever invented!!
another side note: i did not take any of these photos, they were taken by my friend, Lindsay Meredith. :]

ladies and gentlemen, the wonderful Lindsay Meredith :]

zim and i

the whole gang!
dress: style house
tights: forever 21
boots: maddengirl

#swaggcrewreunion :]

well, that's all for now! :]
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