Saturday, October 22, 2011

another outfit post *and the crowd goes wild*

Hello All!
i'm back! woot!
this past week i've been rather busy, and then a few days ago, my allergies decided to attack me with everything they had (meanies!), so now that i've got all of that under control, i shall post!

i wore this outfit to work a few days ago.
dress: forever21
cardigan: target
wedges: bakers
beret: forever21
black stirrup tights: forever21

fun fact: my younger brother and i recently purchased adorable vintage-looking bikes! and since the day of the purchase, we have been riding them around at all hours! went for a midnight bike ride that night!

random comment: there is not light (headlight) on the front of my bike, it just reflected interestingly when the flash went off... :]

these wedges are beyond comfortable! i love them so much!

this is what the fabric of my dress would look like if you were to get realllly close to it. and since that would be awkward to do in person, i have captured it on film. you're welcome.

more soon! :]

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