Saturday, October 22, 2011


hello all!
i'm really feeding into my habit of posting more than once in a day, and then not for a week, and then repeating....and i really am planning on breaking that habit, but for the moment, let's just pretend that it's completely normal. because for me, it sort of is.

anywho, here is another outfit post. i wore this outfit to work as well.
i've titled this "SAFARI SUNSET" because the tote i'm carrying is the vera bradley tote in the pattern "safari sunset" and i liked how well it matched my dress, so the look has been named after that pattern! :]

dress: express
boots: zara
tote: vera bradley
sunglasses: forever21

keeping my eyes open in the intense sunlight was quite the eyes are cruel to me.

not really sure what was going down at this moment, but it turned out kind of cool:]

well, that's all for now...might post one more later today, we'll see! :]

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