Sunday, October 23, 2011

the comfy tee

hello all!
well, i'm back for my third time today! (but again, it IS after midnight...) holy socks! she's on a roll! (and by "she" of course i mean "me")
anywhoo, the top i'm wearing in this post is by far the comfiest shirt i can wear to work without looking like i rolled out of bed. seriously, it's ridiculously soft, and if i didn't like it as much as i do, i would totally sleep in it. it feels like pajamies...and i LOVE it. SO. MUCH. !

continuing on...
top: Bjewel (from ross) (yay savings!)
skirt: necessary objects
tights: forever21
boots: maddengirl
scarf: borrowed from my mother
necklace: HONORA enhanced fresh water pearls (borrowed from mumsie)
bracelet: agaci too
ring: i honestly don't know, it was a mood ring i bought in my youth...and it no longer works. and that's the story on that.

and now...THE PICTURES!!! *crowd gets silent in anticipation*

side note: it's raining like crazy at the moment (thunder, lightning, the works!) and it is REALLY FREAKING me out. honestly, it sounds like elephants are about to tear down my walls! gahh!

on a slightly different note: went on a late bike ride w/ my brother around 11:30 (p.m.), and basically everyone in our neighborhood had their sprinklers on. bet they're regretting that choice like nobodies business! come on folks! check the weather channel!

ok, back on track....the pictures...


well...i guess this is goodbye. for now at least. try not to miss me too terribly. i'll be back before you know it! perhaps even tomorrow! :]

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