Sunday, February 19, 2012

just for good measure

ok, i realize this might be getting a tad out of hand, but i promise, i can stop anytime i want. really! #noneedforinterventions
so, for my 3rd post today, i've decided to really get crazy and post the pictures from valentines day!! we are all out of order now!

side note: the cookies arrived on valentines day, but my birthday is the 19th...i was confusing myself, so i figured i'd explain.... 

what i wore:
dress: forever21
tights: forever21
wedges: wild pair (bakers)
necklace: john hardy

decided to be cliche and wear red
fun fact: that is the only red dress i currently own!

good ol' mirror picture

if you look closely, you can see my dog taking over my bed. my messy, unmade bed

BIRTHDAY SURPRISE FROM MY FRIEND, TIFFANY!! she consistently sends me some sort of food on my birthday, and i love it!! #truefriendssendfood

there are few things i love more than coming home and finding food literally on my doorstep from a friend who lives in a different state!!! and to make it even better, COOKIES!

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