Sunday, February 19, 2012


hello again!
doesn't the exclamation mark at the end of the blog post title make this seem much more exciting?! me thinks it does!
anywho, you can't get rid of me! i've got too much catching up to do! #mwahahaha
so, this is basically just an outfit post...from a few days ago...that i was too lazy to post sooner. and by lazy, i mean i've been watching Burn Notice like it's my job. #sorryimnotsorry #wishiwasaspy

anywho, here's what i wore:
top: forever21
skirt: forever21
blazer: parker school uniform - that's right! this lovely piece was once a required school blazer!
tights: forever21
wedges: wild pair (bakers)
watch: michele
star brooch: gift

feel free to ignore the weird expression on my face...i truly don't know what was going through my mind...and i don't care to ever know/repeat that look... it's like a weird, messed up smirk #whatintheworld


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