Friday, September 9, 2011


Hello All!
Tonight was incredible! My schedule cleared up a bit, and I was able to stop by FNO at Neiman Marcus, Willowbend! Couldn't stay for the entire evening, but I did get to see a fashion show that previewed the top trends for this fall! It was a really great event and I am so looking forward to FNO 2012!

here are some pictures from the evening! :]

deep purples and burgundy's are where it's at!

loved this dress so much! it was purple and sparkly! SUPER AWESOME COMBINATION!

all different leathers are very in :]

rocking the FNO t-shirt

LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS OUTFIT! black sequined dress with a dark grey leather vest over top=perfection!

yayayay! favorite outfit made a second appearance at the end of the show! :]]

with paige after the show:]

blazer, top, and skirt from forever21
heels that can't be seen are from bakers

gotta love a good parking lot picture!

if this isn't a great way to end this post, then i don't know what is!

FNO 2011, you were lovely! :]

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  1. That had to be great, you look both great! :)