Sunday, September 4, 2011


hello all!
well...i've done it! i've drastically changed my hair!
and by that, of course, i mean that i dyed my hair and got bangs!
this is quite a huge step for me...i generally freak out when getting a trim because in the past it's ended badly...and i love my hair trims, involving scissors and what-not...tend to get my nerves a going!

anyways, here's a quick look at the finished product! :] very pleased with how it turned out!

yayayay new hair!!! apparently this style is not called, "fading as it goes down", but rather "ombre" (spelling?)
also, that awesome key necklace you see is a super fantasical gift from Lindsay Meredith! :] it's specially engraved and all! :] #friendsnanananana

SO FUN! hair hair hair hair hair!
i literally have not had bangs since i was 5...

well...that's all i've got for now...

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