Monday, October 15, 2012

Time to Fall

Hello all!
i absolutely love october for many reasons. the main reason being PUMPKIN! i cook with pumpkin all the time...and it always makes me happy when october rolls around, because it's now considered "season appropriate" that's super off topic...but, i just wanted to share my love of all things pumpkin related with the world! 

anywhoo, i'm currently on fall's just 10 days, but much needed! :] i flew back to texas on saturday, and now i'm just enjoying this time and resting as much as possible. i didn't realize how tired i was until i saw my queen size bed! then suddenly, the entire semester caught up with me and i realized i was about to take the best nap ever....and by that i mean that i have been napping on again off again for the past 2 days...and it has been glorious! my friend, harper, flew back with me as well! we saw a fantabulous movie last night, "7 Psychopaths" and it was really quite lovely! :]

what i wore:
top: my mothers from the early 90's
boots: Bakers
purse: borrowed from harper
bracelets: Target and Brandy Melville
rings: Forever 21 and John Hardy

i'm in love with this skirt. it has such a romantic feel to it, which makes it extra fun to mix with edgier items! :]


the classic jumping picture. always necessary.

TRIED to get a fun walk/jump picture :]

hope everyone is having a super cuddly october so far!
more later! :]

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