Saturday, December 8, 2012

just a couple of hippies on a mountain....

hello all!
so, it seems i'm back in my old habits of not posting for a while, and then updating a ton in one day....this will change one for now...i update!! :]

over thanksgiving weekend, my good friend, kanya, asked if chandler and I would help her with a photoshoot type thing...of which we naturally said yes to....and here's how it pictures!

[all photos taken by kanya]

i'm wearing: skirt-forever21, top-vintage, boots-dirty laundry, bracelets-forever21 and target
chandler's wearing: top-from my mother's closet, skirt-, boots- doc martens, head band- borrowed from delaney

behind the scenes! photocred: me!

it was super fun, despite the challenges of climbing a mountain for the perfect background :]

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