Saturday, December 8, 2012


hello all!
so, i realize that thanksgiving has come and gone, but it was such a fabulous day that i had to post about it anyways! better late than never! :]

i spent thanksgiving this year with my roommates and close friends in LA! we cooked everything!! it was interesting and quite the learning experience! #stilleatingsweetpotatos

here are the pictures!!

we made an "I'm thankful for" wall, and everyone wrote on post it notes about the things they are thankful for!

that is what the wall looked like before any of our guests arrived! the wall is now almost completely covered in sticky notes! it's staying up forever! or at least until next thanksgiving! :]

our friend, audrey, brought her sweet puppy, miley, to spend thanksgiving with us!

best roommates ever! i'm so thankful for them! :]

hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving as well! :]

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