Tuesday, September 11, 2012

bring us british boybands.

hello all!
a lot of great things have happened within the last week...and i think the main proof of this is the fact that i'm sick now...lol #oyvey

anywhoo...last wednesday, my roommate and i had the opportunity to see The Wanted perform at Avalon for the VMA pre-concert hosted by MTV and Taco Bell, and it was quite the night! Not only was the venue absolutely beautiful, but there was complimentary food, which is always fabulous! :] The opening acts were Tori Kelly, and Walk the Moon, both of whom were outstanding and unique! Tori Kelly had a very soulful sound that I loved, and Walk the Moon had a different/adorable sound and a really fun energy! Walk the Moon also had a guest guitarist for their cover of a David Bowie song...who just so happened to be JOHN MAYER! THE REAL JOHN MAYER! i almost died. it was a life-changing moment. what talent. #fangirlingstill
The Wanted also put on quite a show! I'm having trouble thinking of what i could possibly like more than british boy bands....at the moment...nothing comes to me... :] #swooning needless to say, they charmed the audience with their gorgeous accents and brilliant harmonies...getting all of their songs stuck in our heads...which was fine by me!

and now for some pictures!

waiting in line...so naturally...the cliche wristband picture :] #hadtohappen #sorryimnotsorry

*photo cred: chandler

the incredible stage/lights!


THE WANTED being all british and what have you

the wanted :]

*photo cred: chandler

needless to say, this evening was well worth the sleep deprivation.


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