Saturday, September 1, 2012

blogstagram: august

hello all!
just for fun, i'm going to post some instagrams from august! #photodiaryinstagramstyle

right before seeing "The Producers" at the Hollywood Bowl
photo cred: harper

retro photobooth at the hollywood farmers market :]
seeing "The Producers" w/ Jesse Tyler Ferguson!
photo cred: harper
photo cred: harper

thai food! #cleverpun
photo cred: laura
cahuenga on a friday never know what you'll a pair of abandoned heels by the 7/11 dumpster...or perhaps a group of people walking around parking lots playing instruments...including an amp attached to their pants... #thathappened
photo cred: chandler

at the grove!
photo cred: chandler
lunchypoo at the grove!
photo cred: kanya
photo cred: delaney :]

just casually bumping into the 2/3rds of the Jonas Brothers outside our local trader joes... :]

hollywood and highland mall :]
tiffany came to visit!! :] #bestfriends #wishwewereirish
this happened...
photo cred: chandler

photo cred: laura :]

harper's amazing hair styling skills!
photo cred: harper

going to see The Dark Knight Rises!
photo cred: harper


cafe series!
photo cred: chandler

photo cred: laura

arm candy :]
photo cred: laura

as close to the hollywood sign as one can get around 1am on a friday night :]

cafe series auditions with the best people ever!
photo cred: chandler

i'll post more soon! :]

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