Saturday, September 1, 2012

want u back

hello all!
my sincerest apologies for the lack of posting i've been doing, it's just been a tad bit crazy over here! i just got finished with midterms!

Anywhoo...a couple weeks ago, Cher Lloyd, in all her great Britishness, came across the pond and performed at The Grove in LA for the TeenVogue back to school event! it was quite lovely! she sang "Want U Back", "With Ur Love", and one other one that i can't quite remember. :]
Shay Mitchell was the host of the event, and after Cher performed, TeenVogue put on a fashion show! all in all it was a fabulous event! :]

what i wore:
top: Forever21
shorts that can't be seen...ughh: british ones i painted
earrings: Mr. Price

here's some pictures from the day!

chandler, kanya, and i trying not to melt in the crazy heat

cher lloyd

i love that this exists.

it was the best! well worth the crazy heat!!
hope everyone has a fantabulous labor day weekend! :]

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