Saturday, July 14, 2012


hello all! 
i'm back again!! :]
so, i've officially caught up on my texas posts...and now...IT'S TIME FOR CALIFORNIA POSTS!!! WOOT!!! :]]]

so...this is just a photo diary of what's been going on so far! :]]

roomie target run!

crazy hummus at the hollywood farmers market!

farmers market with thalia and harper

what i wore:
top: Forever21
shorts: cut pants into shorts and painted the union jack on them :]] #gettingcrafty
boots: Dirty Laundry

our "mean girls" pose


just the view from my alexander method class...#typicaltourist

4th of july :]]

more adventures coming soon! #cheesy #sorryimnotsorry

fairwell! :]]

side note: about half of these pictures were taken by me, the other half were taken by the others in these pictures :]

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