Saturday, September 8, 2012

sing it again

Hello All!
I hope you all had a wonderful FASHION'S NIGHT OUT!
unfortunately, i had ridiculous amounts of homework. so i spent the evening in a dance studio singing the same three songs over and over... which, thankfully, i quite enjoy it worked out :]
but in honor of FNO, i put together a fun outfit! or as fun as one can get on a thursday morning before 9am... :]

what i wore:
skirt: Forever21, but got it at Crossroads
bandeau: borrowed from a friend
cardigan: Nordstrom
boots: Bakers
bracelets: Brandy Melville and Target
rings: Forever21 and John Hardy

i'm especially in love with the skirt!! it was the best recent purchase i've made in quite some time! i've been searching for the perfect circle skirt like this for a while now, and it's completed my life!

if there's one thing i've learned, if you don't know what to do, make this face and hold your skirt out like a princess.

more soon!
happy weekend! :]

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