Thursday, July 21, 2011

a not so foggy day in LONDON town

Hello All! Here is my final post from my Ireland/London trip. The last 2 days of the trip were spent in London! it was gorgeous weather! I anticipated wind and rain, but there was none of that! No, old London decided to make a fool of me by being rather toasty! Anywho, I did my best to dress for the weather!
Here's some pictures!

hyde park!

HARRY POTTER posters on double-decker bus! yes please!

buckingham palace! loves it!

the flag is up! the queen is home! and i know this for sure, because i had afternoon tea with her. just kidding. no, but really... i'm kidding!.... but seriously.

touristy picture in front of the palace
dress- pac sun, cardigan- target, necklace- forever 21, sunglasses- forever21

oh, big ben, you are so great and mighty, and quite timely as well!



being all touristy again...what else is new?

shirt- forever 21, jeans- mariposa, uggs- nordstrom, scarf- ?, purse- forever21


dress- harrods, convertable tights- forever 21, wedges- bakers

outside the theatre! such a magnificent show!!! GO SEE IT! NOW!!

and that was my trip! [more or less] :]

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