Wednesday, July 20, 2011

and the sea is just a wetter version of the sky

well hello all! fancy seeing you here! are you doing well? oh, good, good!
ok, formal greetings aside, i've decided to post day 4....but as i was going through the pictures, i realized day 4 and 5 have kind of run together, so i'm just going to post day "we went from fermanagh to the coastal side of Ireland and I honestly can't remember how long it took or how many days were involved"... and since you all currently have no say in the matter, i'm going to assume everyone thinks it's a splendid idea! how kind you all are! :]

Going from Fermanagh to the coast was about a 2 and a half hour drive all over Ireland. (please note we were in a rental car, driving on the opposite side of the road, and it was rainy...) Once we got to the coastal side, we knew we had made a great decision! it is absatively, posalutely gorgeous and breathtaking! now for some pictures! *and the crowd went wild*

^WOWZA! what a view!

^climbing's what i do.

^HOLY HIPPO! did i take that really awesome picture??!?! why yes, yes i did.
[this is a one time thing. never will i be able to capture anything as beautiful as this again.]

^beach in Ireland! it was entirely too cold for swimming...and yet, the locals didn't care!

^tiffany and i standing by some rocks on the beach...
shirt- mariposa, grey floral shorts- forever 21, black tights- forever 21, boots- bakers,
jacket- forever 21, sunglasses- forever 21

^accidental walking shot. for realzies.

^posing like a cheerleader on some rocks n' stuff.

true story.

^my all time favorite castle. in ireland. near the coast.

^excited n' stuff

^tiffany is a seriously talented "jumping picture" capturer

^just sitting in a window of a castle looking sad for no reason.

^another rad jumping picture compliments of Tiffany. :]

^ok, this picture is my pride and joy. i literally had to climb the castle wall to get to that location.
it took guts, lots and lots of guts, i tell ya!
anywho, i was successful, and here's the proofypoo! :]

^after racing the tide, we took a quick photo. i look rough.

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