Tuesday, July 19, 2011

she is handsome, she is pretty, she's the belle of DUBLIN city

well hello all! i've finally gotten back on American time. it only took me a week and a half... :]
my travel post is starting on day 2 in Dublin, Ireland. it would normally start on day 1, but day 1 is something you do NOT want to see. it consisted of 2 planes, 2 trains, a ferry, and a cab. add all of that together and you get one rather shabby-looking ariel. anywho, day 2 was fabulous! Dublin is GORGEOUS and i would LOVE to go back many, many more times!

DAY 2:
basically walked around ALL day, ALL over dublin taking pictures of anything and everything. also ate the most INCREDIBLE and SCRUMPTIOUS peanut butter sandwich of my LIFE! (no jelly, jelly's not for me...blehh.)

and now for los pictures! (spanish is not my forte...so sue me.) :]

^the aforementioned peanut butter sandwich

^rather charming theatre we passed

^inside a quaint/picturesque church

^posing in front of a vibrantly painted door
side note: i have an acquaintance who may or may not pose seriously in front of random doors who i may or may not have been mocking at the time. the world may never know.


^toured the Dublin castle

^throne inside the caste. has a rather fascinating story behind it. for another time.


^COOLEST PODIUM EVER. i'm 98.6 percent sure it was stolen from our very own, Albus Dumbledore. those of you who claim otherwise are liars. LIARS!

^this gift shop can be found in the CATACOMBS of this church. that's right, Ladies and Gentlemen, THE FOXY FRIARS GIFT SHOP can be found in a catacomb! what has happened to modern society?! i digress.

^another beautiful church! this is the official catholic church of Ireland. or so i'm told.

^in front of the dublin castle!
shirt- mariposa, jeans- forever 21, cardigan- forever 21, uggs- the local nordstrom, scarf- ?,
purse- forever 21, sunglasses- forever 21

^just standing in front of the parliament building. the usual.

^found WALDO. turns out he's been hiding in Dublin. sneaky sneaky!

^BEST vegetable soup of my life. (though to be fair, i've not had much experience in the "vegetable soup" department...)

^most ADORABLE cheesecake of my life. this i'm sure of. i've had a bit too much experience in the cheesecake department... :]

i love dublin! more to come from the trip!

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