Wednesday, July 20, 2011

castle's make me happy

hello all! i've decided to post day 3 of Ireland now! :]
Day 3 consisted of a short 45 minute flight from Dublin to Fermanagh, Ireland. We had planned on taking the train, but it would have been close to 4 hours, and we weren't really wanting to waste another day. Anywho, Fermanagh is considered to be the Lakeland side of Ireland. Also, it's Northern Ireland, so it's still considered part of the UK, and therefore uses pounds, not Euro's like Dublin, which is The Republic of Ireland. It's a bit confusing and requires you to keep all currencies separated, unless you enjoy embarrassing yourself in front of the Irish! To each her own.
Fermanagh had lots and lots of really neat castles to tour and explore. and explore we did, friends! explore we did! 
here's some pictures from day 3!

^beautiful view from enniskillen castle 

 ^what's left of enniskillen castle... 


 ^such pretty scenery!
shirt- mariposa, black jeggings- HUE from nordstrom, jacket- forever 21, boots- zara, 
purse- forever 21, sunglasses- forever 21

^in front of a really awesome castle! 

^another door pose. ok, i'm definitely mocking. but i simply couldn't resist! :]
side note: is that not the most delicious door you've ever laid eyes upon?! 

day 4 soon to come! :]

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