Tuesday, July 12, 2011


hello all! i've just gotten back from ireland and london...had the most ridiculous travels back...long story short- i got stuck at an airport in boston due to flight issues, and had to stay overnight, which messed up my  work plans for the following day. but all's good now, just have to catch up on some sleep and get back on U.S. time! :] in a bit of a hurry at the moment, so i will post just a few pictures from my fabulous trip! (i will be posting many more pictures of the trip (in a day by day manner) in a few days.)
anyways, ireland was GORGEOUS! and london was tons of fun! here's a few pictures!

^in front of the Dublin Castle
top- mariposa, jeans- forever 21, cardigan- forever 21, uggs- nordstrom, scarf- ?, 
sunglasses- forever 21, purse- forever 21

^in Fermanaugh Ireland
top- ?, black jeggings- nordstrom (hue), boots- zara, jacket- forever 21, purse- forever 21,
sunglasses- forever 21

^tiffany and I on the coastal side of Ireland
tank- nordstrom, shorts- forever 21, tights- forever 21, jacket- forever 21, boots- bakers, 
sunglasses- forever 21

top- forever 21, jeans, mariposa, scarf- ?, purse- forever 21, ring- forever 21

i'll be updating about the trip throughout the week! :]

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