Sunday, January 13, 2013

In the Lane, Snow is Glistening

Hello All!
So...I spent the wonderful holidays with my family in the lonestar state, good ol' Texas!
It was really great to get to be home for a little while and spend time with my tennis star of a brother, Rory! we watched a lot of New Girl, played a lot of ping still horrible, and made a huge mess with broken glass... #mazeltov

My best friend was also in town for the holidays...back from gallivanting across Europe without me! #impackingmyselfinhersuitcase #nobutreally 
we saw a bunch of really good movies, the main two being Anna Karenina and Les Miserables! The cinematography of Ann Karenina was unreal!! Just absolutely breathtaking! And Les Mis, as expected, was quite the cinematic experience as well!

I also wound up throwing an impromptu new years eve gathering which was a lot of fun! there was sparkling cider, baked goods, friends, and lots of games!

All in all, it was really the perfect break! I saw all the family and friends I had been missing, enjoyed really good food, saw really fabulous movies, and slept a lot!

just hanging out by this brick wall with my favourite brother ever! 



snow photo shoot...

awesome velvety red coat my mother found!

after seeing Anna Karenina with tiffany and taylor :]
did i also mention I GOT MY BRACES OFF!!!!

enjoying the twinkle lights at the shops of legacy


the angelika!

OH! IT'S NO BRACES SELFIE TIME! #weallsawitcoming

i'm done with orthodontists forever! i refuse to go back! i will wear my retainers til i die! 

really feeling it...apparently...

*le shocked*

and that pretty much sums up how i spent the holidays!
more soon!

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