Sunday, January 13, 2013

Changes: a look back at 2012

Hello All!
I'm a bit late for this, but this post is dedicated to 2012 and all the wonderful things it held!
Lets take a little look at this previous year, shall we?

NEW YEARS OF 2012! on a plane to South Africa!

almost exactly a year Johannesburg, South Africa

after surgery, still recovering

my grandmother, great aunt, aunts, and cousins! #lovethem #southafrica

my baby brother loving the awesome jacket i brought him back!

seeing friends I graduated with!

ice skating with tiffany! we do this way to often..

reunited with mandala!

dressed as Zayn for the One Direction concert! we all dressed as the the experience...even my brother dressed as

cut and painted shorts with tiffany!

...because i love the irish.

the only picture from the One Direction concert that my computer will recognize... #notokbutwhatcanyoudo

moved to los angeles!!

california dreaming :]

found great friends:]

hollywood farmers market

1st lunch with the best roommate ever!

1st target run of the semester!

started going to school right across the street from this :] #inspiring

went to the premiere of Step Up Revolution with tiffany and chandler

tiffany came to visit me!


delaney and kanya! #lovethem

met the Jonas Brothers! #bestdayever #fangirlingstill #sweetnostalgia

most perfectly ethnic group of people ever

the lovely cher lloyd performing at the grove

made it to malibu!

made it into Cafe Series #2 with these lovely ladies! #audition

saw John Mayer perform with Walk the Moon #fangirling

free concerts with Chandler! #thewanted

The Wanted with the Psy doing the Gangnam style dance!

sound check!

cafe series #2 performance

saw The Book of Mormon at The Pantages on opening night!!!

found a pirate casually eating at CPK...

Manhattan Beach... HEAVEN!

sunday funday

moved into the best apartment with the best people :]

visited home with harper

met up with paigeypoo:]

dyed my hair pink and purple...

crazy eyes at the grove

Christmas time at Universal City Walk

our "I'm Thankful For..." wall #thanksgivinginD304

went exploring on black friday

hippie photoshoot with chandler and kanya
photo credit: kanya

photo credit: kanya

photo credit: kanya

photo credit: kanya

Pastry Skate to Donate event

matching feetie pajamas to school because we were sick

Christmas Party

finding notes like these on my pillow when i get home :]

spent time with my favourite brother ever:]

movies at the Angelika with Tiffany and Taylor :]
2012 was a year full of change! Absolutely everything that could change in my life changed! I feel like 2012 was a set up year. It was setting up for everything that is going to happen in 2013! I don't know what the year holds, but I know it's going to be incredible! Best New Years wishes to everyone! May health and happiness grace our lives and loved ones!

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