Friday, June 8, 2012

Le Cloudy

Hello All!
the weather has been kind of overcast and chilly the past few days...which is a bit out of character for june  in texas...but then again, this is texas...and i think everyone knows that texas does what it wants. it's rebellious that way. anywhoo, i have a strange love for an overcast sky...i don't know why, but it always makes me feel like i can get a lot of stuff, i love the added thrill of a possible rain shower at any given moment! the outfit i wore yesterday was largely inspired by the weather. i love the way gray and turquoise look in cloudy weather. the sometimes dullness that comes with gray completely goes away and it just sort of shines. or at least that's how i see it. :] i also love throwing an edgy spin on an other wise classic outfit piece!

what i wore:
dress: Express
vest: Top 10
tights: ?
wedges: Bakers (Wild Pair)
socks: Bakers
bracelets: Target
ring: Forever21
Earrings: Target

bye now!

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