Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hello All!
update: it's still raining! :] i'm anticipating some sort of power outage....therefore, i've lit a bunch of candles. my room now smells like a bakery...which is 100 percent fine by me!
anywhoo, last night i saw a fantastic film with my best friend and 2/3rds of her brothers...we saw "The Intouchables". it's in french with subtitles, and the movie was so incredible that you didn't even realize you were reading subtitles!! :] i really loved it!

what i wore:
top: Xhilaration
half tank top: don't remember, i've had it forever
skirt: Elli Grace
tights: Betsey Johnson
socks: Claires
wedges: Bakers
bangle: Kate Spade (birthday gift from my best friend!)
rings: Forever21
earrings: Juicy Couture

please excuse the pictures...i was short on time...

words will never express exactly how much i love polka dot tights and frilly socks!

i got a bit too excited about the full length mirror i found... #ithappens

well, i'm going to go stare out the window now... #RAINYANDILOVEIT


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