Monday, May 14, 2012

out there

hello all!
look at this progress!! i'm posting again....and it hasn't been weeks since i last posted... :]]
anywhoo, yesterday (mother's day), i was with my family all day and it was lovely! my mother decided that she wants my future children to call her "mama bear" that happened. i apologize in advance to my future children.... poor kids! they're going to be like 25 and still calling my mom "mama bear" :]

on a separate note, a metaphorical weight has been i've changed my mind on some current stuff...nothing all that important...but i just needed to get that out there. #feelingbetter #readytotakeontheworld

what i wore:
dress: mimi chica
wedges: jessica simpson
watch: michele
bracelet: john hardy
ring: forever21

a walking shot! always fun!

well tootaloo for nowsies! :]]

1 comment:

  1. What did you change your mind about? Also, I MISS YOU!! I'm home one week before I leave for camp (this time REAL CAMP...not fake camp)!!! So, I must see you! OHH..and lookin beautiful as always my fashionista friend!! :)