Monday, May 21, 2012

the day we drove more than we swam

hello all!
i hope you've all had a MAGICAL MONDAY! i think the word "magical" is funny when describing naturally, i use it as often as possible/socially acceptable.
anywhoo, i had a rather busy weekend, and yesterday, my friend mandi and i went to hurricane harbor (which, in my opinion, has seen better days...) the car ride was more entertaining...and it took us half a lifetime to get there i have a few pictures from that...with some more in the near future which were taken on our super awesome disposable, waterproof camera! huzzah!

what i wore:
top: kira (pacsun)
shorts: ?
swimsuit: xhilaration (target)
sunglasses: Forever21

the awesome headband i fashioned out of a waterproof camera strap.... #gettingcrafty

tootaloo! :]

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