Monday, January 2, 2012


hello all!
or as my south african family say "helahowsit?" i think they are saying, "hello, how is it?" but i'm really not certain. i've wondered about it since i was about 5 years old....
i'm officially in johannesburg, south africa!
to be quite honest, i've been here since 7 am south african time of yesterday, but we haven't had a spare moment til now.
the flight from london to south africa was amazing! the food was incredible, the stewardesses were friendly, and i slept for a solid 4 and a half hours! :]
also, it was fun to ring in the new year somewhere over egypt! i think i successfully experienced the new year 3 times! on london time (on the plane), south african time (on the plane), and american time after landing! #craziness
anyways, my grandmothers friend picked us up from the airport, and we rested at her house for a while. then my great aunt and great uncle came back in town today (they were vacationing in cape town), and we are staying at their house for the rest of the trip. :]
we ate dinner about an hour ago, and it was quite strange eating dinner when it was hardly even lunch time in the states! my body doesn't know what the year, day, or time is!!

today we went to a beautiful mall in sandton and just enjoyed the day. we shopped a bit, and ate lunch at a fabulous little cafe called Europa. then we came back to the house and enjoyed home-cooked burgers out on the veranda. besides the fact that i LOVE eating outside, i adore the table chat. the four of us all talk at once, two here and two there, changing subjects often and chattering on. :]
anywhoo, i'm not sure of tomorrow's plans...but i'll be sure to take lots of pictures no matter what! :]

in my pod on the plane to joburg :]

sunrise on new years day

more of my pod! it was soo incredibly comfortable!

view of joburg from the car

top i bought today from mr. price

dress from mr. price
not generally my style, but it fit so well i just had to get it!

and my favorite purchase of the day, the skirt from mr. price!!
i love this skirt! it's rather lengthy....falls right above my knees...and i already have a few tops i'm considering wearing with it :]]

view from my balcony

inside my room
i love having the door open, with the curtains moving from the breeze!

top- forever21, shorts- bebe, sunglasses- forever21, sandals- bakers

that's all for tonight! i'll post again tomorrow! hope everyone's new year has started off splendidly! :]


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