Thursday, March 1, 2012

my heart belongs to joburg

hello again!
i'm finally posting the rest of the pictures from south africa!
it was an amazing trip, full of wonderful memories that will stay with me forever!!!

with my grandmother a few days before surgery. as you can see my bangs decided to rebel against the hair dryer...

joburg's version of whole foods

cutest little cafe/bakery ever! they had a bunch of different, eclectic chairs and tables everywhere!!

shirt: mr. price
skirt: mr. price
sweater: forever21
flats: lucky

this made me chuckle!

at the jewish cemetery. really beautiful views up there!

all of the walls/fences have electric wires on them.

the house my dad grew up in!

i went all creeper and held the camera over the wall to see the backyard...and surprise! there was someone back there!!

with my grandmother in front of a statue of nelson mandela at the Sandton mall

Sandton mall

stayed here for a bit

the most beautiful flowers ever sent to me by my aunt! star gazer lilies are my favorite flower!! and the arrangement is in a ginormous teacup!!!!


from my adorable little cousins!!!

love them!! they are too sweet!!

the most thoughtful gift ever! candy that i don't have to  chew and lipgloss!

top: don't know
jeans: mr. price
sandals: bakers

one more mirror picture for good measure

where we ate almost every meal! the weather is so perfect there that you can actually sit outside! and there aren't any bugs!!!

my great uncle took this picture to send to all my family back in the states (basically an update) face is still pretty swollen (not nearly as bad as it was though!) and my neck is all bruised and green! blehhh

on the way to the Joburg theatre to see a fake ABBA concert!

my aunt's dance studio that she just opened

that is a pool cover up cleverly disguised as a dress!

with the family! my little cousins, kk and tannah!

best. show. ever! advertisement for it in the sky magazine

leaving Joburg :/

PARIS!! the pilot woke us up when we were flying over paris!! :]]

London around 4am...we landed about 30 minutes later

well, that's all for the south africa pictures!

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